Bees & Teas was founded on the principle of providing quality tea and honey with the lowest impact to pollinators and the planet. 

To achieve this goal we use a rigorous sourcing strategy and hold ourselves to the highest standard. For us sustainability isn't just a word, it is a way of life. 

Our Sustainability Approach

Pollinator Friendly:

Our tea and honey partners must agree to provide a healthy habitat for local pollinators through a pollinator first approach. These include no harmful pesticides, no pesticide fogging, and most importantly leaving areas between fields for pollinators to thrive. 

Our partner beekeepers are also agree to use a bee first approach to beekeeping, placing the healthy and happiness of the bees above the production of honey. This approach includes not extracting honey from weak hives, never taking more than 60 pounds of honey from a single hive, and never using antibiotics or other chemicals on the bees. 

No Deforestation:

We work with established tea growers that have are not expanding their fields and that have transitioned from the use of wood fuel to renewable solar or wind power.  


All of our packaging is either recyclable or compostable. We never use single use plastics. Even our honey sticks are compostable. 


We recognize that shipping is our largest carbon footprint and take steps to reduce and off set it as much as possible. Finding a solution to this complex issue required a multi step approach:

- Partnered with Sendle a carbon neutral shipping company that uses carbon off set certificates from renewable energy sources to off set the carbon created with every shipment. 

- We work directly with tea importers and purchase ingredients locally whenever possible to reduce the number of times the product is shipped. 

- We use only compostable or recyclable packaging for all shipments.