About Us

Bees and Teas was born from a love for all pollinators and a desire to protect the bees.

Founded by Stephanie and Andrew Dorsey as Andover Bees, we have grown from a small apiary to a thriving tea and honey company.

But our goals have never changed. We are dedicated to providing honey and tea that is sustainably sourced, and pollinator friendly.

About Our Teas:

At Bees & Teas we take great pride in our sourcing methods and insure that all our teas are grown, processed, and shipped responsibly.

About Our Honey:

While much of our honey comes from our own hives in Boston's north shore area we also support other small beekeepers by selling honey on their behalf.

Our partner beekeepers agree to use only bee friendly, pesticide free practices that support the bees without harming the local pollinator community.

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